Domestic Violence

"You Are Worthy of Love"


Sweetheart, no matter what someone tells you or what you think you know, of all things love is, love is not violent. Love is patient. Love is sweet. Love is kind. Love is the only thing that can heal the evil this world. You owe it to yourself to not be subjected to physical, mental or emotional abuse disguised as love. Your partner should uplift you, not tear you down. Despite what you may have grew up seeing, domestic violence is not normal. 


You deserve the right to love and be loved the same in return. Sistah, do not ignore the signs believing it is something YOU can change. Your life could very well depend on it! Before it gets to that point, use your God given intuition to see through this behavior and find someone who will treat you better and is worthy of you. Stop making excuses for it, especially when those around you start to question the relationship or warn you. There is no reason to live in fear of the person who you lay next to every night. It just does not make any sense. You should feel protected by that person, not need protection from that person. Have faith- let it go and get out while you still can. 

We understand it isn't that easy for everyone, but it doesn't make it right. Once you know what real love is, we mean real love, then you'll know that this isn't it. Love and respect yourself enough exit the toxicity. If there are children involved, that is even more of a reason to wait no longer & free yourself to a better life. If you need a help figuring out the next step, don't waste anymore time. Check out the resources below.

If you know of good support organizations, programs or other service options that would be helpful for other Queens in an unhealthy relationship, please connect with us to get it added to the list!


You're a survivor. Here's to one last tear...

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