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Seeds of Light

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"S.O.L" is what we consider the monetary contributions we receive from others in support of our mission and growth of the organization. It can also be represented in other formats like gift cards, coupons or complimentary books or products to be reciprocated on our platform and to others. We consider them all forms of recycled energy, which moves to nurture the tribe and our purpose of guiding each other toward wholeness in life.

No amount is too small. No offering is too excessive. We believe in reciprocity and the intention in your heart You can sprinkle some Seeds of Light using any of the following methods below. Remember- on our own we sparkle, but together WE SHINE!


As our organization grows, it is our goal to provide useful content and services to our communities as well as celebrate our Queens. We want to make sure we're positioned to obtain quality resources and execute new initiatives for our mission and those that believe in it.


Your generosity to the brand is very much appreciated & accepted with every vibration of love.

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