Life Crisis 


In the life we live,  we'll all inevitably experience some level of stress and trauma. However, perhaps the larger threat may not be the experience itself, but not having the tools to prepare or help cope with it once it happens. 

You don't have to hide or be ashamed of what you're going or been through. It's already hard to balance everything around you and still smile with a glimmer of hope that things will get better. Just remember that life would not have peaks if it didn't have valleys first.

Perhaps you've been blessed to not have experienced trauma just yet, but it's likely you know someone who has. Maybe you've even survived a catastrophe before yourself. Here's were you come in- you can share the information you find to help one in need or you can share your story. Someone might need to know their situation is possible to overcome and you may be the link in their broken chain to put it all in perspective.

Below you will find resources to manage common crises when they arise*. You're not alone. Think of this area as your life's first-aid kit!


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*Resources here on these pages are for informational purposes only as well as potential recommendations of professional services based on research and personal experiences. We are not liable for any results obtained from the participation in the resources mentioned. Please supplement the resources provided above with  your own independent research.