Life-Limiting Illness

"Cherish the Day"


Don't be mistaken, it's not a secret that terminal illness isn't something attributed to just the elderly demographic. Sickness has no preference and when it takes a strike at the innocent, for example those who young or typically follow a "healthy" lifestyle, it only moves to confuse and sadden us more. The fact of the matter is illness does not follow a moral compass. There are not people more or less deserving of it than another. What we can do is support that individual and love on them. Give them strength and motivation to fight another day. Give them the opportunities to enjoy life and our company. Usually, they already value this and understand what is really important.

Some may fight and overcome their diagnosis, either becoming cured or entering into remission. Others may fight and lose their battle with it all together and if that happens, the loss isn't easy whether young or old. Regardless, do not give up because miracles do exist. Be strong and remind them to live the life they want while you're still here. Encourage others to be compassionate and do the same.

For those who are caregivers for the ill (by choice or default), we know it is not easy for you either. There is an insurmountable amount of challenges and sacrifices that you will face while supporting your loved one. Often times, the need to care for your loved one will become your upmost priority where even your own self care may take take a backseat. For that, you all deserve all of the credit, admiration and respect.

Please take a look at our resources below. This list is ever changing the more we learn. Our goal isn't desensitize the graveness of the circumstance as if diagnosis of a condition is normal (like- oh well it happens). We'd just like to provide suggestions and options that maybe people were unaware existed. Hopefully, they could minimize the threat and fear illnesses tend to present when they show up.

If you know of good support organizations, programs or other service options that would be helpful for other Queens battling terminal illnesses, please connect with us to get it added to the list!



There's hope. So don't count the days, make the days count...

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