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Shaundretta Boykins


Words of Wisdom

CQ: What does self-love mean to you?

SB: Self-care is more than manicures, pedicures, and facials, it is an internal examination and cleansing of those things that have marred or tainted our inner-being. It is addressing all sides of us. Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Financial, Relational, etc. It's about celebrating our successes and acknowledging and addressing our areas of opportunity.

CQ: Do you feel like you have found your purpose and if so, when did you discover it?

SB: I have indeed been blessed to have found my purpose. I found it right after I filed for bankruptcy for the second time. I heard a preacher, preach a sermon entitled "Where You're Anointed is Where You're Attacked". And while he was preaching, I believe God spoke to me and said, you're anointed in finances that is why you are being attacked there. The devil wants you to feel defeated and give up because you are going to be used to bring so many out of financial bondage.

CQ: If you could tell your princess-self (younger you) one piece of advice, what would it be?

SB: Advice to my princess self would be: readers are leaders, note takers are money makers, learning is earning, there is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance, stay humble and hungry. Do right by people, they are your greatest asset, social capital is just as valuable as monetary capital.

CQ: When you hear the word 'conquered', how does that resonate with you and your life?

SB: Conqueror to me means you did more than overcome, it means you kicked that "thing's butt." Whatever it was, you demolished it. It is behind you, it's under your feet and you now control it, it doesn't control you.

CQ: What inspiring message do you have for other Queens or anyone needing encouragement on their journey?

SB: My message of inspiration would be, some women are soft-spoken, but most talk A LOT, so I would tell the ladies to watch their mouths. Words are seeds and since you can't change the nature of a seed, meaning if you plant a sunflower seed, a pumpkin seed will not grow, Whatever you plant will grow, so if you plants seeds (words) of doubt, fear, lack, complacency, those are the fruit that your life will bear, but if you plant (speak words) of hope, affirmation, prosperity, wisdom, those are the seeds that will grow.

Shaundretta is a Financial Services Professional, Consumer and Business Finance Success Coach, Credit Education, and Restoration Solutionist. A Financial Literacy Workshop Facilitator, Public Speaker, a Business Lending Relationship Manager, a Credit, and Finance Counselor to Pre-release/Returning Citizens in the State of Ohio, and a Financial Literacy Strategist for high-school-aged students in urban areas. These are a few of the many other titles that Shaundretta Boykins possesses. She is also a passionate Published Author, International Money Motivational Speaker, and International Financial Workshop Facilitator. A Visionary, a Business Mentor, Coach, and a Trusted Advisor.

Shaundretta, though quite eclectic and eccentric in her looks, is very relatable. She has sat across the table from multi-millionaires and been able to understand their language, hold an intelligent conversation, and earn the right to do business with them as their trusted advisor. She has also sat with those who have struggled financially and been able to provide hope, inspiration, and solutions through her extensive knowledge by appealing to their sensibilities, with empathy, is that she comes from very humble financial beginnings, herself, having had a mother who was on welfare and severely addicted to drugs. Shaundretta realizes that in large part, the condition of one’s finances dictates their quality of life because it impacts every area of life. She carries a burden to see all people prosper financially, she believes that there is room at the top for all of us. She wants to take her consumer clients from DENIED to APPROVED, and her business clients from OVERLOOKED to OVERBOOKED.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she is a proud alum of Glenville Sr. High School and of The Ohio State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology, Sociology and African and African American Studies with a specialization in African American Literature. She is the co-author of The 21 Day Fiscal Boot Camp Workbook, she is the creator of the Fiscally Fabulous Financial Planner and is currently working on 1 additional publication.

Shaundretta’s passion for seeing everyone living their best financial life fuels her purpose to increase knowledge, credit, and wealth gaps in the communities where she lives, works, volunteers and worships.

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