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Natasha Morales


Words of Wisdom

CQ: What does self-love mean to you?

NM: Self-love means coming into agreement with who God created you to be, and accepting the excellence of God in His creation (you).

CQ: Do you feel like you have found your purpose and if so, when did you discover it?

NM: I found my purpose once I surrendered to God’s plan for me. The world will steer you wrong with this “self-life” mentality, we were never meant to live for ourselves but to serve others…that is when I realized my purpose.

CQ: If you could tell your princess-self (younger you) one piece of advice, what would it be?

NM: I would tell my younger self to forgive myself quicker when I make a mistake, and take the lesson from that mistake to make better decisions going forward.

CQ: When you hear the word 'conquered', how does that resonate with you and your life?

NM: When I hear the word 'conquered', I feel like I have mastered that which was attempting to
master me, and my position will never be overthrown.

CQ: What inspiring message do you have for other Queens or anyone needing encouragement on their journey?

NM: You must trust the process of the journey, learn from your experiences, and give yourself room for error. You are going to make mistakes, but your mistakes do not define the person God ordained you to be. Girl, you got this!

A doula is someone who provides physical, emotional, and informational support to women during the birth process. Natasha found that not only is support necessary during this period, but in the various season’s women encounter.

Natasha's passion is for women and their self-care. She provides a foundation for those who desire pregnancy through fertility plans, advocates for the expecting mom so they're able make informed decisions about their body and birth, serves the new mom in their postpartum trimester, teaches on
womb health (reproductive system) and the importance of holistic wellness for ALL women - from menarche (1st period) to menopause.

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