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"Everyday Victories by Everyday Queens"


Is self-doubt clouding your aura? Are you feeling like you just can't catch a break? Do your dreams seem impossible to reach? Check out some stories below for a quick pick-me-up and motivation to keep going on your quest and the pursuit of happiness!




Latondra D. Williams

LaTondra did not come from a background in Finance. Like most Americans, she was not taught that wealth was something obtainable for the common man. She was programmed to think that only through hard work and many, many years of that alone, could she only then possibly enjoy the fruits of her labor.

She’s had a stellar experience working within the Hospitality industry for over 15 years. She has always possessed a passion for helping people and knew that the she was taking the easy way out in hospitality; only because she was meant to serve a greater purpose.

Following the path of greater service, she took leadership roles in her Los Angeles based church. She worked to help educate the youth about life lessons, while being a fixture in her community.

Her unwavering desire to help those in need, led her to a career in financial literacy. After joining World Financial Group about two years ago, she has dedicated her professional intuitiveness to help educate those in her community about financial wealth and health. Her focus is on teaching people how to save money, minimize taxes, and create better financial possibilities for themselves and families. She feels strongly that the education system is less concerned with teaching individuals about “How Money Works,” but more concerned with creating ignorant consumers. Her mission is to change that, one family at a time. She is an up and coming author, who is currently working on the project, "Why People Don’t Believe in Life Insurance".

Her ultimate goal is to erase financial literacy, not just in our schools and churches, but in the minority community. She believes that it is time for her community to stop being a sucker in the world of finance, but instead become standout students in the world of finance. Her determination to change the world is unimpeachable, but falls second to only her desire to help the uninformed that are the most in need. Set up time to speak with LaTondra and allow her to help open your eyes to the freedom that is the knowledge of how wealth is created and maintained.

Check out her Words of Wisdom to the dynasty!


(Photo Credit): Robert Banks & Hannah Dexter (Makeup): GUAP (Hair): Jackecia Belle

CQ: What does self-love mean to you?


LW: Caring for yourself no matter what it looks like, physically, mentally, emotionally. Putting your oxygen mask on first. I love helping others but if I don't help myself; I wont be good for anyone else. So taken the time out to celebrate me in the morning , throughout the day, and at night.

CQ: Do you feel like you have found your purpose and if so, when did you discover it?


LWI do feel like I found my purpose of life and I discovered a few years ago when I decide to get mental tough and be comfortable in my own skin. My purpose is to help as many people as possible. I am not there yet, but i am on track.

CQ: If you could tell your princess-self (younger you) one piece of advice, what would it be?

LWYou are beautiful melanin Queen, and do not like anyone sway you into thinking that you are not. Impress your sexy and never lose that.

CQ: When you hear the word 'conquered', how does that resonate with you and your life?

LW: I am a mother of a teenager and I have been through so many ups and downs, Ins and outs, but we survived. This is what makes me a conquering woman. I did not give up on him and he did not give up on me.

CQ: What inspiring message do you have for other Queens or anyone needing encouragement on their journey?

LW: Listen to your inner self that is sharing great thoughts with you and then say them out loud. Be gentle with yourself. Never lose sight of who you are. You can slow down but you don't quit!! Live out loud! You deserve anything your heart desire so do not sell yourself short.

Hear more from LaTondra on her social media platforms @lala_preneur

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