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Grief & Trauma

"One day at a time "

To be completely honest, when you do experience the loss of close loved one or other traumatic event, rarely are there any words that people around you can say to make it better. Even more so, what people will do in an attempt to be human and "cheer you up" may actually have the opposite affect by reminding you of the very thing that is causing the sadness consuming your mind and spirit in the first place.

We'll tell you right away that the resources here are not meant to try and help make the pain "go away". It is said that grief is the price we pay for love. It's important that you know the only cure for grief is to actually grieve; at least to a point where you're able to reach a place of acceptance, peace and continue moving forward living the rest of your precious life.  

If someone tells you it will get better, it almost feels like a false truth. It will ALWAYS hurt, but at best, time only allows us to manage it easier. Through it all, remember that you need to feel because the ability to do that is a blessing in and of itself.  Cherish each breath you take, your loved ones and the memories you have within you of happier times. Learn from the pain and become light. Take it one moment at a time and before you know it you're coping one day at a time. You shall overcome!

Black women are known to experience more onset trauma leading to higher rates of depression, but are less likely to seek professional treatment. Being the "strong black woman" takes it's toll for sure. Don't be a statistic, break the stigma and help yourself. Check out resources below to help mind your mental health or that of someone you love.

If you know of some helpful resources or offer services that would be useful for other Queens on their journey please connect with us to get it added to the list!


It's perfectly okay to admit you're not okay...

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