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Queen of December

Regina Robinson

Marietta, GA

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~ Honored for her mentorship and influence as a motivational speaker, Regina "Sunshine" Robinson is a respected Author, Coach and Entrepreneur with a huge desire to empower women and young women fulfill their purpose ~

Interesting Facts

  • I have a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University but I ended up being a math teacher. It is definitely a part of my purpose to teach.

  • One of my students gave me the name "Sunshine". He said "you are like sunshine...everything is better when you are around."

  • My empowerment background is Women's Ministry but I find most of my work today with girls. Of all that I do, my work with the Awesome Girl Academy is where my heart is.

Future Goals

  • Starting a brick and mortar version of my Awesome Girl Academy. Build a production studio as a part of a community/business co-sharing and event space. This will be the headquarters for Regina Sunshine Global Network

Current Hobbies

  • Reading, Playing Scrabble, Watching Competition Shows

Connect With Her

Regina Robinson - CQOTM
Regina Robinson - CQOTM

Nominated By

Shontell Williams

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