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Coaching Services

Do you like what you see here? Have any of our resources been helpful to you? If your spirit aligns with CQ's mission and you'd like to get involved with the movement, consider the following options: 


  • Give Back - Join the QueenTeam! Offer your time to the cause, reach out to let us know how your talents can help! Find out more by checking our listings.

  • Give "S.O.L" - Remember, donations are always being accepted and require little time commitment. Your Seeds of Light will help us continue to inspire women to push forward and conquer!

  • Give Love - We want those clicks! Why not be our newest friend? Like and follow our socials and join our Facebook Group if you haven't already.

  • Give Care - Don't forget to share this labor of love with every melanin woman you know! If you really care about her well being and goals, than this project in and of itself is a gift (at no cost to you).

  • Give Knowledge - Imagine what a blessing your expertise and experience could be for others. How have you become conqueror? What have you tried? Your strategy could be gold for another Queen.

  • Give Praise - Definitely give glory to God first for all that you've been brought through. Next, don't be afraid to give a sistah kudos for her accomplishments, no matter how small they are. Use our social media handles as appropriate (@CherishQueens, #QOTM, #conquered etc).

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