"Discover The Pain and Heal It"

This most certainly is a difficult topic to discuss because it comes in many forms and no doubt affects all kinds of people. Whether it takes the form of alcoholism, drug abuse, food, sex, gambling or even hoarding,  addiction not only can negatively impact the addict, but it will drastically take a toll on the loved ones around them. 


Understanding addiction and it's source can be hard, especially for the individual in need. Others see the addiction as a selfish act and believe the person chooses to engage each and every time. The logic in the addict is fighting a chemical imbalance everyday is often overlooked as irrelevant. At the same time, it is understandable to feel that way when some addicts proclaim they can quit if & when they want to , but choose to carry on. Typically, no one can just quit their addiction overnight because it's really not that simple- even with good intentions. 


If you're already at the point of a lack of self control (addicted) with something, then chances are you're going to need some external forces to help you get better. You can do it. The first step is remove the denial and simply acknowledge that you have the addiction. You are not in this alone. If you're faced with an intervention, take the time to empathize with courage it took for those you around you to address the concern with you. Realize interventions are meant to be a form of attack, but an act of love. There's no need to be defensive, just open to listen. Check out resources below if you or someone you know is looking for help.

If you know of good support organizations, programs or other service options that would be helpful for other Queens suffering from addictions, please connect with us to get it added to the list!


Know that you are worthy of recovery...

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