About CQ

 CQ is simply a platform of curated resources to help black women regain connectivity to the essentials. It's a place of higher living, in a world full of negativity, where we come to relearn self-care and celebrate our multifaceted successes and natural beauty together.  Our motto "Educate, Embody, Empower" symbolizes our commitment to growth and to one another. We aim to build a fortified group of women who collectively enlightens communities, embraces our full selves while we inspire the world through continued encouragement and achievement. U.N.I.T.Y! 


It's where we share thoughts, feelings and ideas or even our talents to find our voice with others who understand. It's where we offer advice and acquire wisdom to be ourselves. We can be free from judgement, stereotypes, and labels. We learn how to stand in our truth, wherever that may be, and embrace ALL of it!


Here, we'll discuss everything lifestyle from health initiatives and arts & culture to workplace struggles and all kinds of educational topics in between- you know, because we are just that layered and complex…


CQ is a community of information, motivation, support and therapeutic release to help us grow into better women all around. The purpose of this movement is to finally cultivate a solid place where "we" belong. We're here to Cherish and uplift each other while we are still living because we are our "sistahs" keeper. 


Did you know that you are a QUEEN destined for extraordinary things? It's already in your DNA. Don't just wear the crown, hold your head high and embody it! How are you changing the world?

We welcome you...

"I postulate that creating a sacred healing space, one that evokes feelings of serenity, and tranquility can contribute to an at-home environment where melanin women can resonate with other melanin queens. The sense of home will enable our conquerors to establish a feeling of connection in a virtual uplifting environment. Queens, my offers to you are constructive, nurturing, loving, sisterly, healthy & abundant relationships. My deepest desire is to create effective solutions to old problems by providing valuable resources, healing techniques, divine connections, and genuine assistance. My goal is to target the most pressing issues that affect women of color through sharing conquering stories and success stories, that will inspire you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I pride myself on jumping over many life-crisis hurdles to combat hardships. I pledge to support women of color to transform their mental health and lives through education, advocacy, divine guidance, support, and powerful partnerships. It is my hope that you heal and discover that there is life after that pain."

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~ Co-Founder

Sade C. Sparks_CQFounder

"What I wanted most was somewhere to go and get practical insight about different things I was going through, all in one place. At the same time, I found myself (constantly) giving advice on topics I've experienced going through life or learned about from reading and studying. I noticed a lack of awareness during these conversations and thought there had to be a way to share info like this at a larger scale. The goal was simple: to be a "gatekeeper"- pointing people in the right direction (to resources) and simultaneously celebrate their milestones on the journey. In my mind, doing this for black women was both intentional and necessary. So I hope this project of love is felt by those who need it most."

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~ Founder